A row of three Marko Spicy Cauli Burgers

The Marko story

If we were to do it all again, how would we do it?

The Marko story

That’s the 3am thought that started Marko.

To us, it seems like the further into the future food is going, the more it’s forgetting its roots; real roots.

Marko is here to change that by hitting the reset.

We banded together a group of like-minded problem-solvers and came up with one simple idea – let’s make food that’s better.

Better tasting.

Better for you.

Better for the environment.

Better for the future.

And it starts with one simple and seemingly understated solution: Let’s make it in a way that’s worked in the past – locally made food from soil, seeds, water and time. That’s the future.

At Marko, our menu is grown from the ground up with locally sourced, plant-based ingredients that have a fresh taste and offer a fresh take on dining out.

We’re all about good food and good living, where you can come to eat but make a change, too. When you tuck in to a Marko meal, we believe it will be better – for you, the environment and the future. And most importantly, delicious. So relax, take your time, and enjoy it!

This is the reset our food needed. And us, too.

See you soon,