Plants should be the stars of the show.

Plants should be the stars of the show.
Over the last 30-40 years in the western hemisphere, plants have been pushed to the side of the plate, relegated to a chore to finish, not a delish addition to devour; "Finish your greens, or you're going straight to your room after dinner."

However, this attitude wasn't created at the dinner table. The rise of highly processed foods and mass-market agriculture has led to the sidelining of fresh and nutritious plants as the meal's centrepiece. And that's what Marko is here to change. We're putting plants back in the centre of the plate right where they belong. Below you'll find just a taste of what's on, and in our menu, so you can see how plants can be used to make great tasting food.

Marko's House Made Patty

70+ recipes led to what we believe to be the best, 100% natural patty that you can find anywhere. Our patty is plant-based and does not contain any allergens like gluten or soy — something most other patties have to create their texture. So what's in it? Lentils, mushrooms, beetroot, sunflower butter, coconut oil and some starches and seasoning — entirely natural, completely plant-based, absolutely delicious.

Crispy Cauliflower

The other members of our burger lineup feature crispy cauliflower. Steamed and brined cauliflower tossed through chickpea flower to help make it crisp. Top it off with some classic seasoning once it's cooked, and that's it — a crunchy and tasty burger to bite.

Green Pea Falafel

Falafel has always been a plant-based favourite, but how do we give it that Marko twist? Well, we've thrown green peas through our falafel mix for a welcome surprise when you are munching through one of our exceptional falafel pitas.


Now, chips seem pretty simple at first until you take a look at everyone else. Do you ever wonder why wheat, dextrin (what's that?), lard or any number of foreign ingredients are in something that is meant to be just potato? Our chips are potato + oil + seasoning giving it the taste of a true classic. No trade secrets or coveted recipe, yet still others choose to reinvent the wheel when the wheel was working so well.

Seasons change like our ingredients.

Our main dishes all feature plant-based stars like cauliflower, mushrooms, avocado, tomato, corn, beans and broccolini, to name a few. But here's the thing, the key with each ingredient is to get it fresh, in season and take care when preparing it. And that's precisely why you may notice our menu changes with the season. At Marko, we aren't here to persuade nature to plate up the same thing all the time — sometimes things don't taste good all year round. Our chefs and foodies keep a sharp eye on what's looking good in the produce market and what's starting to head south as the season changes. As soon as we see it, we switch up our menu to match what plant-based star can take centre stage for the coming season. That's our Marko promise to keep things fresh.