Label Matters: Plant-Based or Vegan?

Label Matters: Plant-Based or Vegan?
What exactly does ‘plant-based’ mean to Marko is a question we get a lot and it is an interesting one!  Luckily for us, it is also an easy one to answer because we are 100% plant-based with no animal products or derivatives whatsoever.  And yes that means no honey in anything either.

But it is a fair question to ask because a quick google of ‘what is the difference between vegan and plant-based?’ will return you a lot of opinions and thoughts from a lot of different sources.  There isn’t a clear consensus that’s for sure!

Vegan food, or a person following a strictly vegan diet or meal plan is consuming foods that have no animal content whether it be the actual animal itself (e.g. meat) or a derivative of the animal (e.g. milk). 

Now when it comes to plant-based foods, it seems there is a spectrum of what that means to different people.  For instance, someone can be following a plant-based diet or meal plan and might still incorporate some animal products or derivatives of their choice.  Because they may not choose to be exclusively 100% plant-based.

Equally some large fast food restaurants or large food factories that churn out mass food for supermarkets, fast food outlets or diet plans also use the label ‘Plant-Based’ but when you actually check the details or label, you may find ingredients that are derivative products of animals in there.... Surprise!

We choose to describe ourselves as 100% Plant-Based to avoid any confusion with our Marko fam.  And yes that means we are 100% Vegan too.  No small print, no overseas factories or dubious food labelling here, just transparency and honesty.

So you can dine with us in our South Melbourne restaurant knowing that we are serving you nothing but what is grown from the ground up!